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OB / Prenatal Care

OB / Prenatal Care in Detroit, MI

Serving the Detroit Area

Prenatal services provided on a WALK IN basis by Certified Nurse Midwives from Hutzel Hospital. Patients are offered the option of delivering at Hutzel or Oakwood Hospital. Many insurances accepted.

  • Appointments available Mondays only 9am to 3pm
  • Walk in hours available Monday only 9am – 12pm

Over the course of several visits you will be asked a variety of questions. The answers will help the doctor discover anything that may affect your pregnancy. Questions may include:

  • General examination: Regular heart, lung, and blood pressure checks
  • Internal examination
  • Height check: This is a rough guide to the size of your pelvis. A small pelvis may lead to a difficult delivery. If you are over 5 ft. any problems are unlikely.
  • Weight check
  • Blood tests: May be required to check for blood type and whether you are anemic or have any other diseases
  • Urine tests: These will check your sugar and protein levels throughout the pregnancy

The above tests and questions along with other procedures will be followed throughout the course of your pregnancy. Many women may feel bored or frustrated with the lengthy procedures at the clinic. You may want to bring someone along to keep you company. These appointments are very important as they will ensure you receive all the care and attention you may need to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

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