Abortion Pill

The Medication Abortion Procedure

The abortion pill has been on the market for 20 years and has a success rate of 98%, depending on gestational age. We perform the medication abortion, commonly known as the abortion pill, until 11 weeks 0 days. The procedure is a two-step process.

  • Appointment Day: Patient takes one pill, mifepristone (a hormone blocker), with the doctor. Some patients experience light spotting on Appointment Day.
  • Next Day: At home, the patient takes a second medication, misoprostol, which begins the process for the patient’s uterus to cramp and bleed. Our medical staff will explain how to administer this medication at home. Symptoms will begin shortly afterward. Patients should be aware the abortion will present as clots and other tissue on the pad.  

We offer a calming post-procedure recovery room with our famous hot tea. Each patient receives personal instructions at discharge specific to their procedure type.  A takehome bag provides patients with clear aftercare instructions, medications as appropriate, and clinic contact information.

Benefits of the Pill

  • Abortion happens at home in private
  • Can have a support person if wanted
  • Non-surgical option, with low complication rate
  • Might feel less “invasive” or more “natural”

Additional Resources

Abortion Intentions Care Plan: from the Abortion Project, for medical abortion patients “to set clear intentions for… before, during, and after a medical abortion.”

Appointment Day

Aftercare Instructions

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