Reproductive Justice

The Legal Status of Abortion in the US

Prop 3 protects abortion and reproductive rights in Michigan: On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Prop 3 passed in Michigan, protecting an individual right to reproductive freedom and abortion care in the Michigan State Constitution.

"Proposal 3’s passage marks an historic victory for abortion access in our state and in our country – and Michigan has paved the way for future efforts to restore the rights and protections of Roe v. Wade nationwide."


“On June 24, 2022, the US Supreme Court decided to annul the case of Roe v. Wade. With this ruling, the Court leaves it to States to determine the right to abortion – some have expanded the right while others have enacted strict measures to regulate the procedure.” – “This page serves to assist people accessing abortion in the US with resources in Spanish. Please note that the law in each state is different. This situation constantly changing. In states where it has been banned, abortion can be accessed using the resources on this page.”

The Legal Status of Abortion in the US:
Abortion Laws by State

Amanda Gorman, National Youth Poet Laureate

8 reasons to stand up against abortion bans.

Destigmatizing Abortion

The Abortion Project (documentary photography project aiming to demystify and destigmatize medical abortions)

The Abortion Project Resource Zine: Abortion Intentions Care Plan

Shout Your Abortion (a collection of published and anonymous stories about personal choices with abortion)

Abortion Conversation Projects

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are places that masquerade as health clinics, misinform people about their medical options, and try to prevent people from getting abortions, often from an anti-choice, heavily Christian, and anti-feminist view.

CPCs are often not medical facilities or health clinics; their staff is often not medical professionals. CPCs try to intimidate and mislead people into parenting and adoption routes rather than abortion: they provide partial or misleading information and they do not provide patients with a full range of services and information for reproductive health care.

CPCs often establish an office or mobile van near actual abortion clinics in an effort to intercept those patients. 

Here are some articles and videos about CPCs and how to identify them:

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: An Affront to Choice (NAF Report)

How crisis pregnancy centers are pushing women to have abortions later (The American Independent article)

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (video)

Abortion Access and Political Rights

Abortion Access Front (Comedians and writers that produce funny content surrounding anti-abortion legislation)

Center for Reproductive Rights (Attorneys who fight for reproductive rights)

Planned Parenthood: The Hyde Amendment (factsheet on the Hyde Amendment, a 40-year-old ban on federal funding for abortion except for rare cases—making abortion financially inaccessible for many)

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