Appointment Day: What to Expect

We are proud to provide the shortest appointment days in the area, typically 5 hours or less.

When you arrive
  • Have your ID out and ready to show the security guard to enter the clinic door
  • You enter and complete a COVID-19 symptom screening and temperature check. If you do not pass the temperature check, you will need to reschedule your appointment.
  • Once in the lobby you fill out your paperwork and medical chart.
  • The technician completes an ultrasound to determine gestational age.
  • You complete any required vitals or lab work.
  • You meet privately with a counselor to confirm you consent to the procedure and that you understand the facts of the procedure.
  • For a Medical Abortion, you meet with the doctor to take the first pill. You receive a second round of medication to take at home the following day. The abortion process is completed at home.
  • For a Surgical Abortion, the doctor performs the procedure and fully terminates the pregnancy in the clinic. You begin to experience relief from the symptoms of pregnancy shortly after the procedure.
  • Finally, you move to our recovery room, sip some of Scotsdale’s famous hot tea, and receive aftercare instructions.

Scotsdale Women's Center is Open!

Attention All Patients: SWC and other Michigan clinics are still legally functioning and providing abortion procedures. 

We are currently experiencing a drastic increase in patient volume due to the recent SCOTUS decision, with patients traveling from out of state to Michigan clinics. We strive to have patients out in a timely manner, and we are estimating appointment times to be under 8 hours. 

Please know wait times vary depending on the type of procedure and number of patients in the clinic, be prepared for approx 6-8 hours and alert your driver if necessary. We know this is a stressful situation and we truly appreciate your patience.

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