Contact us at (313) 538-2020 for referrals to:

  • GYN clinics for pregnancy testing,  birth control, or other GYN services
  • Other abortion clinics if the patient is over our gestational limit of 15w6d


If you decide abortion or parenting is not the right choice for you, we refer to Choice Adoption Network.

OB/GYN Clinics

If you do not have insurance or are underinsured, contact Advantage Health Center for GYN services.

If you have insurance, contact your insurance provider for a list of OB/GYN clinics covered by your insurance.

If you have Medicaid, your insurance may cover pregnancy tests, birth control, or STI/STD testing. Contact your insurance provider and see the “Family Planning” section beginning on page 13 of this pamphlet.

Resources for Michigan prenatal care

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services: Prenatal Care information

UMICH Covid 19 Prenatal Care Resources

WIN Network Prenatal Care Resources

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