Birth Control and Sexual Health

Birth control is an effective and safe way to prevent pregnancy if taken properly. We offer a one-time birth control prescription for post-procedure patients. Is there a method you are interested in? We can send a prescription to your pharmacy for the birth control of your choice. We offer:

  • Birth Control Pill: 3 month prescription, no refills
  • Birth Control Patch: 3 month prescription, no refills
  • NuvaRing: 3 month prescription, no refills
  • Depo Provera Injection: SWC sends the prescription to the patient’s pharmacy. The patient then picks up the prescription and returns to our clinic for administration. We will provide 1 free injection up to 3 weeks post procedure. No refills for Depo prescription; no more than one complimentary injection.
  • Referrals for other types of birth control, such as an IUD or birth control implant

To refill a prescription we originally provided, please contact your own doctor or contact us at (313) 538-2020 for a referral. We do not refill prescriptions.

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